Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

Buying followers is becoming mainstream, but should you do it and what are the benefits / consequences?

Should You Buy Instagram Followers? July 10, 2018
Someone buying followers in New York

With Instagram getting widely known for its potential as a platform for e-commerce, it is also becoming harder to users and brands to gain a greater audience due to the increase in competition. While you can create a lot of effort to increase your Instagram following in the legit way, you can also opt to buy Instagram followers for the needed increase in followers. Sometimes, great content and aesthetics are not the only qualifications of a successful Instagram following – numbers do.

However, few questions still remain: Should you do it?  Is shelling out money for additional followers worth it? Is it an effective way to eventually increase your real Instagram following?

In the first place, why do users feel the need to buy Instagram followers? The primary reason for wanting to have a number of followers is to let your brand or account get noticed and famous. This is used by some businesses as an opportunity to advertise their business through collaboration and endorsements with an account with a massive following. Most businesses consider an Instagram following as a concrete proof of a brand’s success. This opportunity is used by Instagram brands to earn through their accounts. Nowadays, most brands are focused to getting richer and famous through this type of marketing.

In May, Barneys New York solicited Anthony Danielle (@takinyerphoto,) to photograph the launch of its new Costello Tagliapietra line, Adweek reported. Popular Instagram user Brian DiFeo (@bridif) shot the Volva Ocean Race in Miama, while back in April Danielle and Difeo joined four other prominent New York-based Instagrammers to photograph at Madison Square Garden during a hockey playoff. They were paid by that game’s airline sponsors, Delta, says Adweek.


With this, Instagram users are immensely pressured to make their brand known – making the temptation to buy Instagram followers greater. There are multiple websites where you buy Instagram followers such as Distrify. Additionally, buying followers is relatively cheap and ridiculously easy to do. With a few clicks, you can witness your Instagram following increase right before your eyes.

There is a catch: most Instagram followers gained are not real or legit. This is because when you buy Instagram followers, the majority of services will give you purchasable followers made from bots and dummy accounts. Although there are services which will let you buy real Instagram followers, there is still a drawback – the lack of engagement with the followers. These services will strategically link your account a bot which will engage with other accounts in the hopes of a “follow back” from them. With this, you will gain real Instagram followers. However, engagement with them will be highly unlikely.

Buying your Instagram followers is a foolproof shortcut to having a greater number of audience. However, as with any shortcuts, the risks are numerous as compared to doing it the honest way. When you buy your followers, you definitely do not pay for quality and real followers. You only get the number of followers you paid for. Although it can convince other users to follow you in the honest and legit way, follower engagement is not guaranteed.

You also run the risk of getting caught for this fraudulent action. This could put your brand name, integrity, and credibility in bad light. Even if you have earned real audience, a closer look at the list of your followers will show all the fake accounts that are following you. If this happens, your current followers and other potential brands and businesses may deter from interacting and engaging with your brand if your following is proven fake.

Instagram uses engagement, not number of followers, in its algorithm to determine which posts will be posted in Instagram’s newsfeed when a user logs in. Instagram’s posts based on engagement is Twitter’s equivalent of a “trending topic”. Since most of your audience and followers are fake, your posts will not be shared to a larger number of actual Instagram followers. As a result, your posts will not be visible in your followers’ feeds. Thus, it will be harder for you to determine on whether you are closer to reaching and connecting with your target audience. This also dims your chances of getting noticed by other businesses and companies for a possible collaboration or endorsement.

With this in mind, buying Instagram followers is certainly not a long-term solution. Should you still opt to buy your way into fame, you can consider this action only as your initial step. You should not rely solely on buying your followers to reach your target audience. You can buy followers enough to get noticed. Once your following has increased, you can divert back to doing the honest way of earning your followers.

Keep in mind that there’s a certain respect that comes with the honest and legit way of using Instagram as your platform for e-commerce. Letting your brand go big in an organic way – through your own efforts by keeping and maintaining your content and account aesthetic – is more fulfilling than just paying for it.