Skweezer Review – Instagram Verification, Is It A Scam?

The blue verified badge, everyone knows about it, and everyone wants it. There are multiple companies selling the badge, and one of them is Skweezer. Are they legit?

Skweezer Review – Instagram Verification, Is It A Scam? August 23, 20184 Comments
Skweezer review

Skweezer is a company that specialises in Instagram growth, they sell various services to help you grow your Instagram engagement. One of them is their Instagram Verified Package, you have to do a free test on their website to see if you’re eligible, and if you are you can purchase one of their packages. I have a good experience with this, but others have not. I will explain in more detail later. First, let’s look at Skweezer as a company.

Skweezer Reviews

Skweezer Trustpilot Before continuing with my own review, let’s look at what other people have to say. Their Trustpilot page currently has 24 reviews, most of them are positive. Their Trustscore is 8.4 out of 10 which I think is pretty decent. Among the reviews are some negative ones as well, so make sure to give them a read.

Skweezer’s Services and Products

As I mentioned before, they sell various services. I will list them below:

  • Instagram Followers These are regular follower packages. You can choose to have them delivered all at once or gradually over time. It’s also possible to target the followers by gender, making it easier to connect to the right audience. Their pricing starts at. $7.00
  • Automatic Instagram Likes Automatically gets you likes on every post you upload. This can be helpful if you’re trying to increase your engagement rate. Their pricing for these packages start at $25.00
  • Active Followers It seems like this is a combination of the Instagram Followers and Automatic Instagram Likes packages. The pricing for these packages start at $17.00
  • Instagram Verification Although they can’t guarantee the results, $125.00 will get you PR articles, a case study and the submission to Instagram. More about my experience with this later.

Skweezer’s Features

Skweezer seems to be the most trusted source in the market for buying Instagram followers. Some of their features include:

  • 100% Real followers They claim that their followers are 100% real accounts created by real people. I can verify that this is the case after buying the XL Active Followers Package.
  • Instant or Gradual Delivery Customers can choose to have their followers delivered at certain speeds
  • 24/7 Support This is not the case. After speaking to multiple sources, we found that the average response time is 12 hours, and definitely not instant.


I had a very positive experience with buying from, and will definitely continue using them in the future. Please let me hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Why even buy followers?

Among all the numerous questions being linked to buying Instagram followers, the most common is “why buy followers on Instagram?”. To help you widen your knowledge the following are the most highlighted reasons why you need to buy Instagram followers now: Relevance Modern marketplaces are bombarded with the same products. That being said, businesses need to consistently be bracing themselves with effective and modern ways of being visible and relevant into their targeted market. Apparently, most clients and customers are associating with businesses and brands that they are familiar with. So, why buy Instagram followers? It is because you need to essentially work on your online presence particularly in social media to make sure that your business or brand get noticed and remain relevant. Another good reason to buy Instagram followers is to also make your brand appealing and relevant. Brand Development Brand development and design play a crucial role in the success of many businesses. When creating a brand and seeing it succeed, you must have a reliable resource toward such important pursuit like this. Buy Instagram followers now simply because this is one of the most effective techniques in creating and establishing a strong brand. This also helps in establishing a credible brand name fast. Good Reputation With large and solid following, you can somehow consider yourself famous. This simply means that you need to buy Instagram followers and need to maintain a great reputation among them. You need to comment on their online posts, like their pictures or respond to them.  This establishes relationships with followers which will eventually transcend to other relationships that can benefit your business and your brand. The goal isn’t just to buy Instagram followers but keeping them.  



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Delivery speed




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  1. Their website is legit, used it multiple times and did get the followers. Just wanted to check on your opinion on the verification as I want to buy that

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