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The Social Media Etiquette

The Social Media Etiquette July 1, 2017
Society & Social Media

Every single day, lots of individuals log in to their social media accounts. They don’t just log in once. They log in multiple times per day. Nowadays, social media has become a venue for people to communicate with others as well as share their views and opinions.

Just like how people observe certain manners when conversing with others, you also have to observe proper etiquette when conversing via social media – especially if you represent a business, even indirectly. Unfortunately, quite a lot of people do not know and exhibit these manners.

Well, here are the top social media etiquette that you should observe:

1 – Show respect.

Some people often have the courage to disrespect others because of the fact that they hide behind their computers. They even create fake social media accounts just to bully and troll other people around.

You must not forget to be respectful towards other users, just like what you would do in real life. Additionally, you do not want others to disrespect you as well, so better show respect first.

2 – Do not make yourself annoying.

The status updates that you post on your account are the thoughts that you wish to express. You are entitled to your own opinion, as well. While this is true, there are several posts that can literally annoy others. Instead being seen as someone who is expressing his views, you’ll only be seen by others as annoying. Here are some examples of posts that make you annoying to others:

  • complaining about something too often
  • posting status updates every now and then
  • sharing something about yourself that should be kept confidential

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Before you post a status update, take a pause. Ask yourself whether you really need to post such an update or not.

3 – Avoid using capital letters for the entire post.

Generally, using capital letters when writing signifies shouting. It can also mean emphasis, especially when using capital letters in a single word only. If you do not want others to perceive that you are angry at them, you should know when to use these capital letters properly.

4 – Avoid calling someone out.

This is important, most especially if you are replying to a comment on a public post. If you do not agree with the comment, you might want to send them a private message, instead. This way, you and the other party can sort things out and not let other people read what you are discussing.

Additionally, avoid name-calling someone who does not agree with you. If the post is something that you do not agree on, you might be better off leaving the page entirely.

5 – Tag responsibly.

Some people do not want embarrassing photos of themselves to surface on social media. In most cases, they only want those photos where they look their best. They do not want to damage their reputation through these stolen or not-so-stolen shots. As such, you should know how to tag your social media friends responsibly. If you are in doubt whether a friend wants to be tagged in a certain photo or not, it is best to send him a private message.

There are rules and regulations in place in social media platforms. You should always try your best to follow them. Other people may not be following these rules but do not be one of them.

Some people will also say mean things to you on social media. Just let them be. Do not start a war with them. At the end of the day, you have to remember that these websites are public pages. Whatever you post, unless you change your settings to private, will usually stay on the Internet forever. Be responsible and always think before you click.