Top 8 Social Media Platforms

Today marks the end of our "social media week", to sum it all up we have created a top 8 list of the most popular social media platforms.

Top 8 Social Media Platforms July 3, 2017
Social Media Addiction

Nobody expected it to happen but social media is shaping the world more than any other type of media out there. Social Media, as defined by experts, is a set of web-based tools or applications that allow people to communicate and interact with one another. The last decade has seen the rise of social media applications. In the earlier part of the decade, everyone saw the rise and fall of Friendster, Multiply, and MySpace. But for now, the following are some of the trending and hippest social media applications expected to create an impact in the coming years.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is the hip brother of Friendster. Like its predecessor, Facebook’s focus is to create a network of people throughout the world. It is also the largest and most used social networking site in the world. It is the first application that surpassed the 1 Billion User mark.

In the U.S., Facebook had 77 million unique visitors in the month of June, making it the sixth largest site in the U.S. (after Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL and all Fox Interactive Media sites combined).
– Techcrunch.com

The use of Facebook has also evolved throughout the years. It is now used as a platform to advertise and sell goods and services. Politicians, celebrities, and other prominent people use it to connect with the public. Some government agencies also set up Facebook accounts to make communication with their constituents faster and easier.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is a social networking site that allows its users to ‘tweet’ or post short messages. Much like in Facebook, one can also create a network of people through Twitter. Because of the limit it has set on the users in posting messages, this platform is famous with news channels, newspapers, and businesses. Users can see the latest news of the day as Twitter has a list of trending topics. This trending topic list is updated real time.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is for those who are more visually inclined. Instead of posting ‘statuses’ and ‘tweets’, Instagram allows its users to express themselves through pictures and videos. The application also has a function allowing the users to capture photos and videos and edit these using filters. This platform is a hit among the youth, especially those artistically-inclined.

  1. Snapchat

Like Instagram, Snapchat also capitalizes on people’s love of selfies and photography in general. Snapchat is an image-based messaging application created by Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy. This messaging platform was only released in September 2011 but has already garnered quite a following, especially among the youth. A unique feature of this application is that it has filters that allow users to change their looks.

  1. Vine

Vine is another imaged-based social media application. Unlike Instagram, Vine only focuses on videos. This platform allows its users to upload 6-second videos with their followers. Vine was started in June 2012 but was subsequently acquired by Twitter in October 2012, a few months before its formal launch.

  1. Viber

Viber is a platform that works like text messaging. Viber users can send messages, sound clips, and video clips to their friends, family, and other relatives over the internet. The application is available in 30 languages. Aside from that, users can also send stickers and other illustrations using the application.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is for the hobbyist. Users of this website can share ideas and plans for future projects. Discovering all sorts of DIY tasks and how-to projects have become so easy due to Pinterest. Users can search for a wide array of interests such as learning how to knit and figuring out how to fix a dent.

  1. YouTube

This media platform is the largest and most popular video-based social networking site. This website allows its users to share and view videos with one another. It was founded by Former PayPal employees in February 14, 2005.

Communicating has never been this easy. The future is bright for the aforementioned platforms. These websites may come and go, but one thing is for sure – social media is redefining the meaning of communication.